Discover how to make thousands of useful sentences with fewer than 200 words.
For Beginners or as a Refresher.


Spanish Simplified!™ is designed to help you learn Spanish on your own using a system based on a set of 8 Basic Building Blocks. It includes a Course Book, audio and Flash Cards.

The system of 8 Basic Building Blocks is a well-known short-cut used by travelers and professionals to communicate efficiently while living or working in a Spanish Speaking country. It is a very effective way to jump-start conversations in Spanish.


A user-friendly approach that separates what you need to know from what is just nice to know and boils down the essentials to 8 easy-to-understand lessons. Includes:

*Gimmicks—to help you remember new information.
*Charts—showing how to combine the flash cards to make thousands of useful sentences.
*Quick and Easy Exercises—to make yourself understood without being misunderstood using a vocabulary of fewer than 200 words.


Slow, clear pronunciation. Lots of repetition. Each audio segment coaches you slowly and clearly and gives you an opportunity to listen to Spanish and talk out loud without worrying about making mistakes.

Flash Cards

Use with the audio to practice new vocabulary. Put the flash cards together to make thousands of useful sentences.


“I’ve tried to learn Spanish for years, but this is the first time I could put words together in a sentence.”

“I’ve been searching for a long time for audio CDs like you have produced.”

“In addition to the excellent CDs and guide book, I feel I gained most by using your Flexible Framework. It’s a terrific short-cut.”

“This approach is very ‘do-able’ for a beginner and repetive enough to stick, even for ‘non-stick’ minds.”